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Neuroanatomy links:

Digital anatomst projecit   

Allen Brain atlas: the mouse brain in great detail, supported by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Link Obituary: H.M.
The obituary of Henry Molaison, known to the public until his death as "H.M.", from the New York Times (Dec. 4, 2008)
LinkSectioning H.M's brain at UCSD
Link Clive Wearing - amnesia patient

A totally blind teenager in L.A. who uses echolocation to 'see'
Amazing but looks well-documented - lost both eyes at age 3, started using vocal clicks to localize objects in his environment.

Sadly, Ben Underwood has passed...

Link Dr. Francisco Bezanilla's electrophysiology simulations
Excellent Java programs that solve the equations for resting and action potentials.
Link Opening exercise: 2nd-to-4th digit ratio in currency traders
Time Magazine's account of the 2D:4D paper in PNAS.
Link Opening exercise: 2nd-to-4th digit ratio in currency traders
The original paper, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, January 13, 2009
Link Does LTP account for animal and human memory?
LYNCH, MA Physiol. Rev. 84: 87-136 (2004) Long-Term Potentiation and Memory
Link Actin-myosin sliding filament movie
Link Brain Research instructions to authors, and "Themes and Topics"
On-line access to Brain Research.
Go to Volume 1031, Issue 1, Pages 1-150 (7 January 2005); you should see the Table of Contents. Authors' instructions is item 6, and "Themes and Topics" to choose from in submitting your report is item 7 on the page). Both of these are .pdf files.The same info. is in the print version of the Jan. 7/05 issue of the journal, which is in the Science Library.
Link "Neuroscience in the news"...
...from the Society for Neuroscience, updated weekly.
Link "Pinky and the Brain"