I have spent the a good deal of time this semester evaluating your work so I think it is appropriate for you to have the same opportunity to evaluate my work. I have included a list of questions below and would love to read your responses. I am more interested in questions about whether the course stimulated your interest and imagination, challenged you to develop your own ideas, forced you to re-evaluate the way you think about the world, and/or helped you to see connections between concepts that you had not seen before. My hope is that the feedback that I get from you will help me structure this course (and my other courses) so that I can push my students to think deeper or differently than they did when they entered the course. Please approach the questions below with those issues in mind.

A few words of explanation: I am the only person that will see these. You are free to reveal your identity if you desire, but you are not required to do so. You should also feel free to skip any questions that you either don't wish to respond to or don't have strong feelings about. There is also space at the end for you to write any additional comments that were not covered in the questions that I asked. Finally, I have endeavored to take the evaluation of your work very seriously. I hope that you will approach the task of evaluating my work with the same care and attention that you would expect me to use in evaluating your work. Thanks.

Did our class time help understand statistical concepts and procedures better? Did you have time to ask the questions you wanted to ask? Did the course strike the right balance between theoretical questions and calculation questions?How might class time have been used more productively? Was too much time spent reviewing calculations? How might class time have been more engaging?
Did they adequately reflect the content covered in the course? Did your performance accurately reflect your engagement throughout the semester and/or preparation for the exam, itself? How might the exams do a better job of achieving either of these goals?
This is the first year that I did not require a text.  Do you think having a required text would have added to your understanding of course material?Was having the text available on reserve useful?Did you ever read the text on reserve?
Did you find the course intellectually challenging? What aspects of the course influenced your sense of the rigor of the course? To what extent do you think the professor was interested in/committed to your personal growth as a student? What did the professor do/fail to do that gave you this impression? What could the professor have done to help you get more out of the course?
Was the website constructed well?Were there resources not included on the website that would have been helpful to you if they had been available?Did the layout of the website make it easy to find what you were looking for?What might improve the layout of the website?
Please make any additional comments that you wish here.
You may include your name here if you wish, but feel free to leave this space blank if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

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