Spring 2011

Gender, Economic Development and Globalization


Lynda J. Pickbourn (Section 01)


This course uses gender to examine the processes, politics and policies of economic development. We will begin with an introduction to alternative approaches to economics and to economic development, focusing on the neoclassical and feminist approaches, and on the theoretical frameworks that have shaped the gender perspective in economic development. We will also examine the impacts of economic development policy on men and women and on gender relations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, in the context of a globalizing world economy. Special topics will include women’s unpaid labor, women in the informal sector; the household as a unit of analysis; the gendered impacts of structural adjustment, neoliberal economic policies and economic crisis; the feminization of migration flows and the global labor force, and the implications of these trends for economic development.


2017-18: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2011