Drawing I - ARHA 111, Fall 2011

Prof. Culhane
Fall 2011
101 Fayerweather Hall
Monday & Wednesday  1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Week 1  (Sept.  6 & 7)

Contour Drawing

Week 2 (Sept. 12 & 14)

Line: contour and blind contour drawing

Week 3 (Sept.  19 & 21)

Value: value studies, creating mass with value

Week 4  (Sept. 26 & 28)

Approaching the page: composition, negative space

Week 5 (Oct. 3 & 5)

Visit to Mead Museum
Shading: source of light

Week 6 (Oct. 10 & 12)


Shading:  planes, modeling, chiaroscuro

Week 7 (Oct. 17 & 19)

Introduction to wet media (brush and ink)

Week 8 (Oct. 24 & 26)

Wet media


Week 9 (Oct. 31 & Nov. 2)

Perspective and foreshortening; introduction to life drawing

Week 10  (Nov.  7 & 9)

Life drawing and anatomy, gesture drawing

Week 11 (Nov. 14 & 16)

Life Drawing

Week 12 (Nov. 21 & 23)


Week 13 (Nov. 28 & 30)

Life drawing and anatomy, negative space, weight and movement
Life drawing and anatomy, the head

Week 14 (Dec.  5 & 7)

Drawing from memory

Week 15 (Dec. 12 & 14)

Drawing from memory and imagination



Students are expected to participate in critique discussions.  As the semester progresses you will become more articulate and confident in discussing your own work and the work of others.  There will be a mid-semester and a final critique.  It is very important that you are present for both of these.


You will be given a homework assignment that is closely related to our work in class each week.  I will send you the assignments via email.  In most cases you can work in your small (9” x 12”) sketchbook. .  If you miss class please be sure to keep up with the assignments.

Final Project:

Each student will develop a final project based upon skills and interest that were developed during the course of the semester.  Final projects will be presented at the end of the semester.


Your grade will be determined based upon: the quality of your work in class, your participation in critiques, your overall progress during the semester, attendance, and homework assignments.