Journal Project - Books, Groups, Assignment

Submitted by John E. Drabinski on Tuesday, 9/27/2011, at 11:02 PM

The journal project has a simple aim. Each group of four is assigned a book. Each group is responsible for presenting the book in some sort of publicly accessible form - what I'm calling a "journal." The journal can be an analytical summary of each chapter, a dialogue on the book's (and its chapters') meaning, aim, and method, a use of visual and aural examples to elucidate the themes in particular chapters and the book as a whole, a collage of images, quotations, and explanations, or any combination of those modes of explanation. I will meet with each group to discuss the journal project.

You will be graded both on your individual contribution and the overall success of the journal project.

The journal is due 12 December at 11:59pm.

The books are available at Amherst Books.



Tracey Denean Sharpley-Whiting, Negritude Women (U of Minnesota Press, 2002)

  • Richelle Spaulding
  • Hannah Costel
  • Danielle Jefferson
  • Rosalind Fennell

Elizabeth Harney, In Senghor's Shadow (Duke University Press, 2004)

  • Criss Guy
  • Dillon Buckley
  • Rachel Brickman
  • Ysabel Woody

Abiola Irele, The Negritude Moment (Africa World Press, 2010)

  • John Riggins
  • Jordan Roehl
  • Denzel Duncan
  • Kearney Turner

Leopold Senghor, The Collected Poetry (U of Virginia Press, 1998) and Aimé Césaire, Collected Poetry (U of California Press)

  • Ellen Richmond
  • Inès Coville
  • Nadia Ogbor
  • Maya Chakravarti

Donna Jones, The Racial Discourses of Life Philosophy (Columbia University Press, 2010)

  • Christopher Lewis
  • Roshard Bryant
  • Briana Hanny
  • Jeffrey Moro