Submitted by John Cameron on Wednesday, 9/28/2011, at 10:37 AM

    Each student in the assigned group is asked to post a paragraph or so in which they 1) either raise a question about some aspect of the reading or the film(s) screened for that unit and discuss or expand on the relevance of their question; or 2) point to and discuss some aspect of the reading or of the film(s) screened for that unit which may have been particularly illuminating for them, perhaps particularly clarifying or revealing of something about cinema or about the reading that may have been unclear or unknown to them before.  Students should should sign their posting.  In addition to their assigned unit, students should feel free, if they wish, to contribute to other units.

For  UNIT ONE AND TWO:  THE CINEMATIC IMAGE and MISE EN SCENE:  Aldo, Blasczyk, Bradshaw, Briggs, Buckner, Callahan, Carney, and Chiemelu

For  UNIT THREE:  MONTAGE:  Chou, Chun, Daigle, Dantzler, Driscoll Eastburn, Fiddle, Gach

For UNIT FOUR:  NARRATION IN CINEMA:  Gerdes, Kaminsky, Keller, Killian, Kutzin Lawandy, Lyons, Mahoney

For UNIT FIVE:  GENRE:  Molina, Moran, Nzegwu, Petrie, Reed, Reynolds, Rhee, Roberts

For UNIT SIX:  Ruff, Schmidt, Smith (C), Smith (O), Sorrel, Stone, Toomey, Waller, Wilbur