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 By now you need to have selected the manuscript you intend to work on this semester.  You are going to be spending a lot of time with this manuscript so be sure that you choose well, that you have found something that you feel confident will hold your interest. Write a brief account of what draws you to this document, what about it attracts you. Then provide a physical description of this manuscript, what kind of object is it? Write as detailed an account of its physical characteristics as you can.  (4 pages)

Turn in your assignment here by Wednesday at 4pm. To post your paper on this page click on "Add" from the "Content" tab. Choose the "Upload File" option and use the Browse function to find your paper and upload it.  Use your name and a descriptive phrase for the "title." Remember to click "save" at the bottom of the page.


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Not sure why Kate's word document would not upload for her. The never quite perfect  5 College interface. Or something else since I too have needed to do it in a strange way. KSE

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Ari R-L: Telling Identification

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Galluzzi--Flatbush Man

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Janie Laursen: The Charlieshope Library

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Mia Certo: Richard Woodbury Manuscript ID

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Kristin Young Japan Journal

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Hager manuscript description

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Fishing log description