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Faculty Course Evaluation, 2012 Spring

Black Studies 461/English 491 -- The Creole Imagination

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Course Name
Question 1

What did you learn about Black Studies as the result of taking this course?


Question 2
Please share your general thoughts about syllabus organization, subject matter, and materials.
Question 3
Are there specific issues not covered by the syllabus that you think this course should consider?
Question 4
Which readings or course segments did you find most helpful or enjoyable?  Which were least engaging?
Question 5
Were paper assignments relevant and interesting?  Which assignments did you find the most/least useful?
Question 6
How would you rate the workload in this course?  About how many hours a week, outside of class time, did you spend on course assignments?
Question 7
Approximately what percentage of course readings did you complete this semester?
Question 8
Was there a particular text or texts you found effective in communicating the course themes?
Question 1
What role did this course and the professor play in your college education?  Did you learn new ideas in this course?  If so, what were they?  Were you challenged to think differently?
Question 2
Did the course help you refine further your basic reading and writing skills?  How? What role did the professor play in this process?
Question 3
Does the professor have a distinctive style of teaching? Did this style help you to learn? How?
Question 4

How accessible was this professor outside of class. Did you make use of her office hours? If you have a broader relationship with this professor (as an academic advisor, for example; if you have taken her other classes, or if you have worked with her on a project), please comment on the effect this has had on your academic career.



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Course Evaluation Form

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