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Submitted by Kozue Miyama on Wednesday, 5/2/2012, at 3:47 PM

About Final Exam
期末試験:self-scheduled for three hours.  For time and place, see

Focus is Stage 3-7 and 3-8.
1.    Review step 1s
2.    Choose the following and prepare to explain them so that a person who has not heard of them would understand the meaning and when they might be used.  
  a.    one of the Japanese proverbs
  b.    one of the proverbs of your country, and
  c.    one 四字熟語 from what you explained in class (May 2th)
  d.    one四字熟語 from what your classmates explained in class (May 2th)  
3.    Review 『手紙の書き方』.
Review my feedback on your tests and assignments.

Office Hours during the reading period;
Saturday, May 5th: 1-3,  
Sunday, May 6th: 1-3
and by appointment