Dan Cavicchi - Guest on March 8

Submitted by Ron Bashford on Thursday, 1/26/2012, at 10:12 PM

Daniel Cavicchi, Associate Professor of American Studies at Rhode Island School of Design, will be joining us on March 8.  Although Dan is not a theater scholar per se, his work on the social dimensions of audience behavior (primarily in relationship to music and concert-going) has been influential in his field.  His comments are most likely to help bring some insight into our study of The Threepenny Opera, and more generally.

Prof. Cavicchi is joining us with support of the College's Eastman Lecture Fund, and in cooperation with Prof. Robinson's course on popular music (we will be joining them on March 8, too).

If you are curious, you can read Prof. Cavicchi's bio and blog at these two links: