Spring 2013

Making Peace with the Planet: Environmental Movements and Ideas

Listed in: Anthropology and Sociology, as SOCI-341


Hannah A. Holleman (Section 01)


In the last 20 years, climate change was acknowledged by every major scientific body in the world and, along with other environmental issues, put on the policy agenda of most national governments. Debates today are less over whether anthropogenic ecological change is happening and more over what should be done about it. In this course we explore the diversity of global movements and proposed environmental solutions that reflect the wide range of perspectives and interests behind these debates. Social inequalities both within and between countries condition what is at stake in negotiations addressing ecological problems for communities and people occupying different social locations. Therefore, issues of environmental justice are highlighted as we study the achievements of environmental movements internationally as well as enduring challenges and controversies.

Requisite: SOCI 112 and ENST 120. Admission with consent of the instructor. Limited to 20 students. Spring semester. Professor Holleman.

SOCI 341 - L/D

Section 01
W 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM MERR 403

ISBN Title Publisher Author(s) Comment Book Store Price
Agency, Democracy and Nature: The U.S. Environmental Movement from a Critical Theory Perspective Brulle TBD
From the Ground Up: Environmental Racism and the rise of the Environmental Justice Movement Cole TBD
Asia's Environmental Movements: Comparative Perspectives Lee TBD
Coalitions Across Borders Bandy TBD
The Activist's Handbook: A Step by Step Guide to Participatory Democracy Ricketts TBD
Green Gone Wrong Rogers TBD
Power in Movement: Social Movements and Contentious Politics Tarrow TBD


2024-25: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2017, Spring 2018