Spring 2013


No limitations specified

Pre-registration and submissions for permission

Submitted by Ron Bashford on Saturday, 11/10/2012, at 9:52 AM

If you are interested in this course, you should know that:

(1) You may not pre-register for this course.  Rather, students admitted to the course will be able to register during Add/Drop.  For now, you should complete pre-registration with a back-up course in this "slot."

(2)  Permission is required, and will be based on samples of musical composition and/or text writing, which will be due to the instructors on December 12.  To apply to enroll in this course, please follow the submission instructions below.


Enrollment is limited.  We are looking for student composers and student writers.  You do not need to have experience in both, just one or the other.  Student composers may work in any style, and may make scores or compose by ear (with keyboard or guitar).  Student writers may have experience in playwriting, fiction, poetry and/or creative non-fiction.

The submissions deadline is Wednesday, December 12.  Applications will be acknowledged by email; a class list will be emailed to all applicants by January 15 .  Apply by sending an e-mail with attachments to both rdbashford88@amherst.edu and hymeltzer88@amherst.edu.  Send two samples of creative work.   

The samples may be music composition, or may be either poetry or prose.   

Music submissions, either scores or recordings, should be two distinct compositions, together no longer than fifteen minutes' duration. Scores should be sent in .pdf format; mp3 recordings may be sent via www.yousendit.com only to hymeltzer88@amherst.edu.  Music submissions do not need to contain text or singing.

Prose submissions each should be no more than five double-spaced pages for each selection; poetry submissions each should be between three and five single-spaced pages.  Excerpts from longer work are acceptable.