Fall 2013

Woyzeck:  Longing, Beauty and Horror

Listed in: Theater and Dance, as THDA-162


Charlotte L. Brathwaite (Section 01)


George Büchner was only twenty-three when he died of typhus in 1837. This political activist, scientist and playwright, however, managed to cram an astonishing amount into his brief life and is widely recognized as one of Germany’s foremost literary voices. This course combines theory (reading literary and dramatic history) with directing methods and practices. Students will study several translations of the unfinished stage play Woyzeck, written by Büchner, while examining other works inspired by the play, including Werner Herzog's 1979 film, Heiner Mueller’s essay for Nelson Mandela, "The Wound Woyzeck," productions of the opera Wozzeck by Austrian composer, Alban Berg, and contemporary works inspired by this classic, including Skin, by Naomi Izuka, and the Tom Waits/Robert Wilson musical adaptation. This course will be taught simultaneously along with Brathwaite’s production of W in the fall semester. Students will gain considerable knowledge in literary and dramatic history while they develop skills in cross-disciplinary directing. Students should expect to attend some rehearsals of W outside of class time.Fall semester.  Visiting Professor Brathwaite.


Artistic Practice


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2013