Student Presentations

Students presenting the results of their research projects at the La Calandria Biological Station.

Suspended Bridge

Walking along a suspended bridge through the rainforest canopy.

Tiny Octopus

We found and identified 11 different phyla of animals in one day, including this tiny octopus!


One of the many hummingbirds found in the cloud forest.


Juvenilehog-nosed pit viper.


Students relaxing after a long day in the field.

Rufous-Eyed Stream Frog

The rare rufous-eyed stream frog, a species which is making a comeback.

Rainforest Canopy

Locating birds in the dense rainforest canopy.


Working with local experts to catch and identify different species of insect-eating and fruit-eating bats.


Learning how to identify butterflies,beforereleasing them again.