Spring 2014

Elementary German II

Listed in: German, as GERM-102

Formerly listed as: GERM-02

Moodle site: Course


Susanne Gomoluch (Sections 01 and 02)


A continuation of GERM 101, with increased emphasis on reading of selected texts. Three class meetings per week plus one additional conversation hour in small sections, with individual work on Moodle.

Requisite: GERM 101 or equivalent. Fall and spring semesters. Lecturer Gomoluch.

Cost: $20.00 ?


2015-16: Offered in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016
Other years: Offered in Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015