Fall 2014

Knowing Cinema

Listed in: Film and Media Studies, as FAMS-213


Lisa M. Ballou (Section 01)
Timothy J. Van Compernolle (Section 01)


Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov claimed that the movie camera is different from, even superior to, human vision and thus allows us to see in new ways. Many others have echoed this idea about cinema’s powerful impact on our ways of seeing and knowing the world. As an introduction to the study of cinema, this course cultivates in students what Vertov called “the Kino-eye.” Our emphasis will be on narrative film, but with some attention paid to experimental, documentary, and animated works as well. This course treats cinema as an international art form: we will examine a wide range of films from many countries over the past century and more. Through exposure to the great variety of filmmaking and writing about film around the world, from the silent era to the digital revolution, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to the key formal features of film and to the major debates that inform film studies.

Limited to 35 students. Fall semester. Professor Van Compernolle.

If Overenrolled: preference given to declared FAMS majors if oversubscribed


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2014, Spring 2017