Fall 2014

Knowledge Triumphant in Classical Islam

Listed in: Religion, as RELI-284

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Tariq Jaffer (Section 01)


Knowledge was one of the primary concerns in classical Islamic civilization. The search for knowledge dominated all branches of religious and intellectual life, and it pervaded the daily lives of Muslims. In this class we will read the classics from law, theology, philosophy and mysticism that were written in the ninth through twelfth centuries. We will focus our attention on texts in which questions surrounding the theme of knowledge are discussed at length and in detail. Questions we will explore include: What is knowledge and how is it attained? What is its relation to faith and doubt? How does knowledge inform religious practice and ritual? What theories of knowledge were developed in law, theology, philosophy, and mysticism? How does knowledge serve as a tool in these disciplines? Our broader objective is to understand how religious and intellectual life was shaped by discussions about knowledge within these disciplines. Fall semester.  Professor Jaffer.


2019-20: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2014