Spring 2016

Twentieth-Century Architecture: Socialism, Capitalism and Globalization

Listed in: Art and the History of Art, as ARHA-256


Margaret B. Vickery (Section 01)


This lecture course examines the history of the modernist movement from 1914 to the present in relationship to the primary ideologies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries--socialism, capitalism, and globalism.  It considers the work of the founding figures--Wright, Mies, Gropius and Le Corbusier--and significant themes, such as the individual versus the collective; European versus American approaches; modernism beyond the West; the impact of popular culture and new technologies; and issues surrounding sustainability.

Recommended requisite: ARCH/ARHA/EUST 135. Limited to 35 students. Spring semester. Visiting Lecturer Vickery.

If Overenrolled: preference will be given to Art and Art History majors as well as Architectural Studies majors


2020-21: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2016