Spring 2017

Trumpet Performance Instruction - Beginner

Listed in: Music, as MUSL-155H


Suzette M. Farnham (Section 01)


151H-181H entail individual performance instruction and have a fee associated with the course. The fee is $720, for which the student is fully committed following the end of the add/drop period. Those students who are receiving need-based scholarship assistance from Amherst College will be given additional scholarship grants in the full amount of these fees. 151H-181H may be repeated. Students who wish to elect performance for credit must complete Music 111 prior to enrolling in beginner lessons or demonstrate equivalent competency. If you test out of Music 111, you must fulfill the requirement of taking one full-credit course concurrently with beginner enrollment or defer it one semester.

151H-181H may be elected only with the consent of the Department Coordinator. The following arrangements pertain to the study of performance at Amherst College:

a.         All performance courses will be elected as a half course. Senior Music Majors preparing a recital must register for a thesis course instead of a performance course.

b.         For 151H-181H, fifty minutes of private instruction (12 lessons per semester) will be given and regular practice is expected.

c.         Two half courses in performance may be counted as the equivalent of one full course for fulfilling degree requirements. These two half courses must be in the same instrument or voice. Though not strictly required, the Music Department urges that the two semester be consecutive.

d.         A student electing a performance course may carry 4.5 courses each semester, or 4.5 the first semester and 3.5 courses the second semester.

Students should consult with the Music Department Coordinator to arrange for teachers and auditions. Instruction in performance is also available through the Five Colleges with all of the above conditions pertaining. A student wishing to study under this arrangement must enroll through Five College Interchange.

Half credit. Fall and spring semester.


Section 01


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