Fall 2017

The Art of Noticing

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Wendy Woodson (Section 01)


Based on the premise that noticing is a necessary skill for all disciplines and modes of inquiry--requiring curiosity, discipline, and ongoing practice--this seminar is designed to strengthen our ability to pay attention with more depth, engagement and precision using all of our senses. The course will focus on the arts (literary, visual and performing) as a means to sharpen our noticing skills.  Most art comes from observation, paying close attention to one’s surroundings and interactions and developing ways to bring what one notices into meaningful expressions.  Through exercises and improvisations, we will increase our ability to notice new things in ourselves and in our environments, discerning details about things that we often take for granted or that we miss entirely.  We will also notice what is not in the room, what is missing in different places.  Drawing on our observational practice we will experiment with different media--writing, video/photography, performance--to communicate what we have noticed.

Students will work in a studio environment as well as in various locations on and off campus, during class time and during pre-arranged field trips, developing the skills of observation until the art of noticing is an enhancement of their daily life, as well as a source for intellectual inquiry and creative expression.

 Fall semester. Professor Woodson.

If Overenrolled: Decided by dean


2018-19: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2017