Spring 2018

Earth +2 degrees Celsius

Listed in: Geology, as GEOL-106


Kinuyo Kanamaru (Section 01)


Greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are rising and humans are responsible for much of that increase. The Paris Agreement attempts to limit carbon emissions so that Earth does not warm by more than 2 degrees Celsius above its pre-industrial global temperature. Why was the goal of 2 degrees Celsius set by the international community? What will Earth be like when it is 2 degrees warmer? What will Earth be like if we do not limit carbon emissions and pass the 2 degree barrier? We will use case studies from various regions to investigate the possible effect and impact of anticipated warming on land use, agriculture, energy consumption/production and the urban environment. Through these case studies we will examine and discuss the scientific basis behind plus 2 degree predictions and explore the anticipated impacts of climate change.

Not open to students who have taken GEOL 109. Limited to 20 students. Spring semester. Visiting Assistant Professor Kanamaru.

If Overenrolled: Students from a balance of classes and majors will be selected.


Science & Math for Non-majors


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2018