Fall 2019

Senior Honors Seminar

Listed in: Philosophy, as PHIL-497

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Joseph G. Moore (Section 01)


The senior honors seminar supports the first half of senior thesis work in philosophy. It will provide a hands-on introduction to philosophical research. During the course of the semester, students will fine-tune and develop their initial thesis proposals into detailed thesis plans, and then draft significant chunks of their eventual theses. This will be accomplished through close reading and discussion of central texts, structured writing, and the eventual sharing of student drafts. By the end of the semester, students will be connected with a faculty member who will then direct their research through the second semester of the honors work.

Requisite: Departmental approval of a thesis proposal due the first day of the fall semester. Fall semester. Professor Moore.


Attention to Research, Attention to Speaking, Attention to Writing


2019-20: Offered in Fall 2019
Other years: Offered in Fall 2017, Fall 2018