Spring 2020

Genome Biology with Lab

Listed in: Biology, as BIOL-381

Formerly listed as: BIOL-27


Michael E. Hood (Section 01)


A study of the architecture and interactions of genetic systems. Advances in genomics are providing insights into a variety of important issues, from the structural limits of DNA-based inheritance to the discovery of novel infectious and genetic diseases. We will address how heritable information is organized in different groups of organisms. We will also cover a major challenge of this emerging field—the application of vast amounts of genetic data to understanding genomic integrity and regulation. We will critically assess the genome as a "cooperative assemblage of genetic elements" and conclude by discussing the consequences of genomic structure for shaping species traits and long-term evolutionary potential. Three hours of lecture, and three hours of laboratory per week. Lab activities will require work outside of the scheduled meeting times.

Requisite: BIOL 181 and 191. Limited to 18 students.Spring Semester. Professor Hood.

If Overenrolled: Based upon having prerequisite courses, and by offering overload enrollment in BIOL 380 without lab to total 30 students


Lab Science Course


2021-22: Offered in Spring 2022
Other years: Offered in Fall 2007, Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2020, Spring 2021