Spring 2020

How Can We Talk About Race, Class, and Gender?

Listed in: English, as ENGL-271


Barry O'Connell (Section 01)


Each of us lives in a world in which race, class and gender--complex and elusive terms--reflect multiple realities. In the last few years they have openly shaped public discourse in the U.S. They also affect individuals and groups differently: invisible to many, an inescapable felt presence for many others. Denial, controversy, struggle, pride, and hesitation are but some of peoples’ responses. A world of courses could not comprehend the responses or the terms themselves, the histories or the controversies. So this course must necessarily be exploratory and, beyond the usual, open to each participant, even in sharp disagreements.

Memoirs, novels and poems, lively and revelatory social science texts make up the readings. Short weekly writings and three essays complete the work of the course.

Limited to 35 students. Spring semester. Professor Emeritus O’Connell.

If Overenrolled: Priority given to seniors, then juniors, with a few spaces held for sophomores and first-years.


Attention to Issues of Class, Attention to Issues of Gender and Sexuality, Attention to Issues of Race, Attention to Issues of Social Justice, Attention to Speaking, Attention to Writing


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2020