Fall 2021

Creative Thesis Workshop

Listed in: English, as ENGL-492

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Judith E. Frank (Section 01)


This is a non-required course for English majors who are currently working on a creative writing or hybrid thesis project. It is meant to offer guidance and a sense of community to these writers as they embark on what can feel like a formidable process. In this course, we will discuss and analyze examples of senior theses in various forms, and discuss issues peculiar to the task of planning, researching, and writing a project of this scope. We will read together to help writers identify models and understand the literary tradition(s) they are working in. We will also talk about the kinds of research that each project invites and requires, and about how to conduct and use that research.

Guided writing in class will play a key role in working through issues of technique, structure, and inspiration. Most important, this course offers students the chance to present and critique work-in-progress with a group of their peers.

Please note: This course does not replace ENGL-498, the Senior Tutorial, which covers students’ independent work under the tutelage of a thesis advisor.

Open to senior majors currently writing a creative or hybrid thesis. Limited to 18 students. Fall semester. Professor Frank.

If Overenrolled: Preference given to senior English majors currently writing a creative/hybrid thesis.


Artistic Practice, Attention to Research, Attention to Writing


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2021