Fall 2021

Global Cities and Global Slums:  Environment, Racism, and Coloniality

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Utku B. Balaban (Section 01)


In this seminar, participants will explore the relationship between urban development and global inequalities. The first section focuses on the historical formation of global cities and global slums in the late twentieth century that together rejuvenated coloniality as a relationship of oppression in urban spaces. In the second section, we will discuss how both forms of urban agglomerations perpetuate environmental issues and structural racism. In the last section, we will address the impact of environmental issues and structural racism on the physical and social transformation of US cities. Students will write weekly response papers, online discussion forum posts, a midterm paper, and a final paper. In their midterm and final papers, students will focus on a specific urban setting in the United States to contextualize the course material and discussions.

Fall semester. Visiting Associate Professor Balaban.


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2021