Fall 2021

Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Latin American Arts

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Paul A. Schroeder Rodriguez (Section 01)


In this seminar, we will explore the decolonial tradition in Latin American visual and literary arts over the past 500 years, a tradition that questions and contests the articulation of race, gender, and ethnicity as natural categories.  Together, we will conduct close readings of a number of exemplary texts within this tradition (poems, narratives, films, sculpture, performance), taking care to contextualize them in space and time.  Class conversations will follow the principles of the listening circle, an Indigenous practice that facilitates respectful conversations and meaningful interaction.  As part of the seminar, we will also engage in campus-wide conversations around race at three points during the semester (beginning, middle, and end), and work with the College’s Archive on a small project to be collaboratively determined.  Finally, throughout the semester, we will help each other improve our written and oral presentation skills through low-stakes assignments and activities, while getting to know one another as unique individuals and as members of interconnected communities. 

Fall semester. Professor Schroeder Rodriguez. 


Attention to Issues of Class, Attention to Issues of Gender and Sexuality, Attention to Issues of Race, Attention to Issues of Social Justice, Attention to Research, Attention to Speaking, Attention to Writing, Transnational or World Cultures Taught in English


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2021