Spring 2022

Childhood and Adolescence

Listed in: Education Studies, as EDST-331  |  Psychology, as PSYC-331

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Kelley O'Carroll (Section 01)


(Offered as PSYC 331 and EDST 331) This course will explore conceptualizations of childhood and adolescence in the United States today. Using both academic articles and media resources, the course will address topics such as early education and school readiness; play and extracurricular involvement; college access and attendance; mental health, self-esteem, and social media; and youth activism. We will use developmental psychology as the lens for most of our readings and discussion, although the course will integrate concepts from sociology, history, and education. We will also examine the roles of relationships (e.g., family, teachers, and peers) and contexts (e.g., policy, schools, and culture) on youth experience. In this reading-intensive course, students will be expected to engage in class discussions, write weekly response papers, conduct a youth interview and write an interview report, and develop a final presentation.

Requisite: PSYC 227. Limited to 18 students. Spring semester. Visiting Professor O'Carroll.

If Overenrolled: Majors will be given preference according to seniority and pre-registration.


Attention to Issues of Gender and Sexuality, Attention to Issues of Race, Attention to Writing


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2022