Fall 2022

Special Topics

Listed in: Computer Science, as COSC-390  |  Computer Science, as COSC-490  |  Computer Science, as COSC-290


Scott P. Alfeld (Section 03)
Mihaela Malita (Section 02)
Will Rosenbaum (Section 02)
Lee Spector (Section 01)


To gain as much confidence as possible in idiomatic French, we discuss French social institutions and culture, trying to appreciate differences between French and American viewpoints. Our conversational exchanges will touch upon such topics as French education, art and architecture, the status of women, the spectrum of political parties, minority groups, religion, and the position of France and French-speaking countries in the world. Supplementary work with audio and video materials.Requisite: FREN 205, or completion of AP French, or four years of secondary school French in a strong program. Limited to 16 students. Fall semester: Professor Sigal.