Spring 2024

Climate Change: science and solutions

Listed in: Environmental Studies, as ENST-225


Rebecca E. Hewitt (Section 01)


This course examines the causes of climate change and impacts on the biosphere from a social-ecological perspective. We explore the biophysical factors contributing to changes in climate, utilize resilience theory to understand impacts of and responses to climate change, and evaluate mitigation and adaptation strategies. Through lecture, discussion, and project work we will assess evidence and advances made within the scientific community, and emphasize the importance of stakeholders and complementary knowledge systems to our understanding of anthropogenic climate change and potential solutions. This course will draw on current scientific reports like the IPCC and the National Climate assessment and practice science communication skills.

Spring 2024. Assistant Professor Hewitt.

How to handle overenrollment: ENST majors are given priority followed by class year.

Students who enroll in this course will likely encounter and be expected to engage in the following intellectual skills, modes of learning, and assessment: emphasis on written work, readings, independent research, quantitative work, discussions, and group work.

ENST 225 - LEC

Section 01
M 12:30 PM - 01:50 PM
W 12:30 PM - 01:50 PM