Courses in Economics

Fall 2009

ECON-11 Introduction to Economics with Environmental Applications

Steven G. Rivkin (Sections 03 and 36)
Katharine R. E. Sims (Sections 03 and 36)

ECON-11 An Introduction to Economics

Sami Alpanda (Sections 01 and 16)
Adam D. Honig (Sections 02 and 26)
Steven G. Rivkin (Sections 01, 02, 04, 05, 16, 26, 46 and 56)
Geoffrey R. Woglom (Sections 04, 05, 46 and 56)

ECON-23 Poverty and Inequality

Steven G. Rivkin (Section 01)

ECON-32 International Trade

Beth V. Yarbrough (Section 01)

ECON-33 Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Beth V. Yarbrough (Section 01)

ECON-53 Macroeconomics

Daniel P. Barbezat (Section 01)

ECON-54 Microeconomics

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)

ECON-55 An Introduction to Econometrics

Frank H. Westhoff (Section 01)

ECON-58 Advanced Microeconomics

Walter E. Nicholson (Section 01)

ECON-66 Law and Economics

Walter E. Nicholson (Section 01)

ECON-72 Dynamic Macroeconomics

Sami Alpanda (Section 01)

ECON-76 Topics in Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Adam D. Honig (Section 01)

ECON-77 Senior Departmental Honors Seminar

TBA (Sections 01 and 02)
Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 00)

Related Courses

ENST-23 Introduction to Economics with Environmental Applications (Course not offered this semester.)