Courses in Economics

Fall 2013

ECON-111 An Introduction to Economics

Brian H. Baisa (Section 05)
Jun Ishii (Section 01)
Stanislav Rabinovich (Section 02)
Prakarsh Singh (Section 03)
Frank H. Westhoff (Section 04)

ECON-111E An Introduction to Economics with Environmental Applications

Katharine R. E. Sims (Section 01)

ECON-227 International Trade

Beth V. Yarbrough (Section 01)

ECON-235 Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Beth V. Yarbrough (Section 01)

ECON-237 Financial Globalization, Growth and Crises

Adam D. Honig (Section 01)

ECON-271 Economic History of the United States, 1600-1860

Daniel P. Barbezat (Section 01)

ECON-300 Microeconomics

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)

ECON-301 Advanced Microeconomics

Brian H. Baisa (Section 01)
Jun Ishii (Section 01)

ECON-330 Macroeconomics

Stanislav Rabinovich (Section 01)

ECON-360 Econometrics

Frank H. Westhoff (Section 01)

ECON-410 Microeconomics of Development

Prakarsh Singh (Section 01)

ECON-420 Game Theory and Applications

ECON-435 Topics in Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Adam D. Honig (Section 01)

ECON-490 Political Economics

ECON-498 Senior Departmental Honors Seminar

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)