Courses in Economics

Spring 2019

ECON-111 An Introduction to Economics

Jake Blackwood (Sections 01 and 02)
Eleanor W. Dillon (Section 03)
Jakina Debnam Guzman (Section 02)
Neil W. White (Section 02)

ECON-111F Intro to Economics Dis

Jake Blackwood (Sections 01, 02 and 03)
Jakina Debnam Guzman (Sections 04 and 05)
Christopher G. Kingston (Sections 01, 02 and 03)
Neil W. White (Sections 04 and 05)

ECON-204 Earnings, Unemployment, and Inequality

Eleanor W. Dillon (Section 01)

ECON-207 Economics and Psychology

Jakina Debnam Guzman (Section 01)

ECON-210 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Katharine R. E. Sims (Section 01)

ECON-214 Health Economics and Policy

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)

ECON-225 Industrial Organization

Jun Ishii (Section 01)

ECON-300 Microeconomics

Brian H. Baisa (Section 02)

ECON-330 Macroeconomics

Neil W. White (Section 01)

ECON-331 Advanced Macroeconomics

Adam D. Honig (Section 01)

ECON-360 Econometrics

Arielle S. Knudsen (Section 01)

ECON-412 Applied Microeconomics Seminar

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)

ECON-414 Urban Economics

Jun Ishii (Section 01)

ECON-427 International Trade Policy

Arielle S. Knudsen (Section 01)

ECON-453 Economics of Entrepreneurship

Jake Blackwood (Section 01)

ECON-470 Mechanism Design

Brian H. Baisa (Section 01)