Courses in Economics

Fall 2021

ECON-108 Statistical Ethics and Institutions 

Andreas V. Georgiou (Section 01)

ECON-111 An Introduction to Economics

Daniel P. Barbezat (Section 02)
Monika Islam Khan (Section 01)
Tyler Porter (Section 02)

ECON-111E An Introduction to Economics with Environmental Applications

Katharine R. E. Sims (Section 01)

ECON-111F Intro to Economics Dis

Daniel P. Barbezat (Sections 04 and 06)
Monika Islam Khan (Sections 01, 02 and 03)
Christopher G. Kingston (Sections 01, 02 and 03)
Tyler Porter (Section 05)

ECON-210 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Katharine R. E. Sims (Section 01)

ECON-223 The Economics of Migration

Caroline B. Theoharides (Sections 01 and 02)

ECON-224 Introduction to Economic Networks

Tyler Porter (Section 01)

ECON-250 Money, Banking, and Economic Activity

Monika Islam Khan (Section 01)

ECON-300 Microeconomics

Brian H. Baisa (Section 01)

ECON-301 Advanced Microeconomics

Brian H. Baisa (Section 01)

ECON-330 Macroeconomics

Daniel P. Barbezat (Section 01)

ECON-360 Econometrics

Mesay Melese Gebresilasse (Sections 01 and 02)

ECON-416 Economics of Race and Gender

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)

ECON-420 Game Theory and Applications

ECON-435 Topics in Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Adam D. Honig (Section 01)

ECON-498 Senior Departmental Honors Seminar

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)