Fall 2014 Speakers

October 16

Will Olney (Williams College)
The Composition of Exports and Human Capital Acquisition

4 p.m. in Beneski (Paino)

Family Weekend Speaker: October 24

Conversation with Sarah Bloom Raskin

Sarah Bloom Raskin '83 is a former Governor of the Board of the Federal Reserve, former Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland, and currently serves as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Department.  She will discuss reflections on the current state of student loan debt.

4 p.m. in Cole Assembly Room, Converse Hall

October 30

Alicia Sasser Modestino (Northeastern University)
Upskilling: Do Employers Demand Greater Skill When Skilled Workers Are Plentiful
4 p.m. in Beneski 107 (Paino)

November 6

Louise Sheiner 'P16 (Brookings Institution)
Why the Geographic Variation in Health Care Spending Can't Tell Us Much About the Efficiency or Quality of Our Health Care System
4 p.m. in Beneski 107 (Paino)

November 13

Sam Bazzi (Boston University)
Title TBA
4 p.m. in Converse 207

December 4

Rodney Garratt (New York Fed)
Title TBA
4 p.m. in Beneski 107 (Paino)




Economics Fellowships for Sophomore and Junior Majors

Sophomore and Junior economics majors (and first-semester senior majors in "E" classes) are invited to apply for the economics department's summer fellowship program.  The program awards fellowship money to supplement salaries at approved economic research institutions for summer internships of no less than 8 weeks of full-time employment.  Currently, the fellowship program supplements summer salaries up to the amount of $4,000 for approved internships.  Therefore, an economics department fellow who works at a volunteer internship at an approved institution would be awarded a $4,000 fellowship from the department.  A fellow earning $2,000 at an approved institution would be awarded a $2,000 fellowship from the department.

Applicants should submit to the department by March 28th a brief description (no more than 2 pages) of their proposed internship and their rationale for seeking this internship.  Fellowship awards wil be based on the student's record in economics, their proposed internship, and the availability of funds.  A student need not be accepted for an internship at the time of application, but securing the internship is the sole responsibility of the student.  (We encourage students to apply to a number of different internships as soon as possible.)  The fellowship will be paid in the September following the completion of the internship.  To receive payment, the fellow must submit to the department the letter of acceptance for the internship along with the conditions of employment.

In your application please list any other funding opportunities for which you have applied or plan to apply.  If you are awarded other funding, you must choose whether to accept the Economics Fellowship stipend or the other funding, not both.

A list of pre-approved institutions is provided below, but the fellowship program is not restricted to these institutions.  If a fellow secures an economic internship at a different institution, he or she can ask for departmental approval for that internship.  Such approval must be obtained prior to the start of the internship and the internships must involve economic analysis of public-policy issues.

Pre-Approved Institutions:

Federal Reserve Banks or Board of Governors
Council of Economic Advisors
Brookings Institution
National Bureau of Economic Research
Federal Government Agencies
The World Bank
International Monetary Fund
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Resources for the Future
The Urban Institute
American Enterprise Institute
Cato Institute
Economic Strategy Institute
The Heritage Foundation
The Institute for International Economics


Converse Hall