Choosing your major is a big decision.  We encourage you to seek advice from your advisor and other professors.  All students must declare a major by the end of their sophomore year.  Note that if you are double-majoring you should still declare both majors as soon as your plans are definite.  If you put it off, you miss out on the benefits of department advising and communications, and you may not be able to fulfill the major requirements.  The economics major should be declared in sophomore year, or at the latest by the end of junior year.

You may declare an Economics major if you have received a grade of B or better in Economics 111.  If you did not receive a B or better in Economics 111, you may declare the major if you have received a grade of B- or better in an Amherst College economics elective numbered 200-290.

To declare the major, you should get the “declaration of major” form from the Registrar’s office, fill it out, and print out an Unofficial Transcript.  Bring these two documents to the Academic Department Coordinator for Economics, Ms. Amy Johnson, in the Economics Department Office on the 3rd floor of Converse Hall (Converse 306).  Ms. Johnson will verify your eligibility to declare the major, process your declaration of major, and give you some important documents.  Note that you do not need to get the signature of the Department Chair prior to bringing your forms to Ms. Johnson; if you are indeed eligible to declare the major, she will arrange the Department Chair’s approval.  It is recommended that you do this at a time of the semester that is not particularly busy for the Registrar’s office.

Of course, it is wise to take several economics courses before committing to the major.  Most students will take Economics 111, an elective or two, and maybe a core theory class before they declare the major.  You are also encouraged to consult with economics faculty about your choice of major or your academic plans in general.