The economics department hires students to work as graders, research assistants, and teaching assistants.  Keep an eye out for emails from the department or from individual faculty about possible opportunities.

Administrative and payroll process.  Faculty will notify the Academic Department Coordinator (ADC) by email who they are hiring.  Graders and RAs are paid from economics funds, and the ADC will handle the appointment paperwork and payroll forms.  TAs are appointed and paid by the Moss Quantitative Skills Center.  Students must complete tax paperwork in the Financial Aid Office and be appointed by the department before time sheets can be processed. Students are responsible for submitting time sheets at the end of every other week – it is important to submit time sheets in a timely fashion (if you want to get paid, that is!).  Hours for all jobs must be tracked and reported on time sheets separately: for Grader and RA jobs, time sheets are submitted to the ADC in Economics; for TA jobs, time sheets are submitted to the Q-center.  Please see the ADC in Converse 306A with any questions.