Class of 2016

Molly Jordan, Redesigning the Orphan Drug Act: Examining the Government's Use of Subsidy and Exclusivity for Incentivizing Drug Development (2016) [Advisors: Profs. Baisa and Ishii]


Daniel Nussbaum, The Impact of Sports League Structure on Fan Welfare (2016) [Advisor: Prof. Raymond]


Jason Premo, The Persistence of IPO Book Building (2016) [Advisors: Profs. Baisa and Ishii]


Alexandra Rohde, The Impact JointChild Custody Policies on Children's Long-Term Outcomes (2016) [Advisors: Profs. Singh and Theoharides]


Ningyue Christina Wang, Pollution and Human Capital Formation: A Study on How Air Pollution Affects Children's Educational Outcomes in China (2016) [Advisor: Prof. Sims]
Note:  Please contact Prof. Katharine Sims or the Economics ADC, Jeanne Reinle, about Ms. Wang's thesis; there is no link to her thesis on this website.


Julia Yates, The Effect of Access to Affordable Health Insurance on SSI Acceptance (2016) [Advisor: Prof. Theoharides]