Class of 2012

Dan Barnes, Lose the Scratch Ticket, Keep the Gamble: The Appeal of Prize-Linked Savings Under Different Theories of Gambling Behavior (2012) [Advisor: Jun Ishii]

 Kuhuk Bhushan, The Impact of Media on Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence in India (2012) [Advisor: Prakarsh Singh] 
 Josephine Fisher, How Do the Rich Die: Understanding the Association Between Income and Health Care Utilization at the End of Life (2012) [Advisor: Jessica Reyes]
 Mary-Ann Juma, The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (2012) [Advisor: Salim Furth] 
Tomás Mondino, Inflation Targeting in Latin America: Did Anything Change After the Crisis? (2012) [Advisor: Brian Bethune] 
 Alexa Russo, The Effect of Unfunded Pension Liabilities on State Borrowing Costs (2012) [Advisor: Geoffrey Woglom] 
 Ezra Van Negri, Strategic Behavior in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2012) [Advisor: Christopher Kingston] 
Eric Weisberg, Acquisition Announcement Reactions: Are Markets Informationally Efficient? (2012) [Advisor: Geoffrey Woglom] 
Lily Zhang, Impact of the Financial Crisis on Risk Aversion: Evidence from Option Prices (2012) [Advisor: Geoffrey Woglom] 
Yinan Zhang, Investigating the Relationship between Social Norms, Family Background, and Student Achievement (2012) [Advisor: Jun Ishii]