Online Resources

This section provides links to some of the best economic and financial resources. This extensive collection of resources is intended to help students and faculty explore and conduct economic research. 

Colleges and Universities

European Business School/Fraunhofer Institute have created this new and non-commercial web-portal for economists. It has recently added to NBER's "best links" section. 
The Graduate Institute of International Studies In Switzerland. Includes a collection of links
UCSD Economics Resource Guide Electronic Journals and Newsletters

Government Sources

Bureau of Labor Statistics The BLS is the source of the unemployment rate CPI, etc.
Census Bureau Provides information on demographics, with links to data via FTP.
Committee on Ways and Means "Green Book" government and social welfare programs Council of Economic Advisors includes the Economic Report of the President
Edgar database of corporate information
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Institutional banking data.
Federal Reserve
International Monetary Fund
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Treasury
U.S. Department of Transportation
U.S. International Trade Administration
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
White House
World Bank
Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies development in Eastern European countries

Business News

ABC Business News
CNN Financial News
The Economist
The Financial Times
Fora Finanical Blog
Lexis-Nexis Universe
Reuters Money Network
Wall Street Journal

Financial Services

Charles Schwab
Fidelity Investments
Gabelli Funds
Goldman Sachs
J.P. Morgan
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley Investments
TD Ameritrade
T. Rowe Price
Yahoo! Finance

Stock Exchanges

Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Currency Converter
Money Magazine’s Stock Quotes
PC Quote Homepage
Yahoo! Finance

Economics Journals

AEA to Links to Journals: Links to many Economics Journals (See EconLit Tab)
JSTOR: Archives of many Economics Journals

General Data

Economics Education Materials (MIT OpenCourseWare)
Federal Government and Statistical Agencies
FedStats FedStats provides access to information gathered by over 70 Federal agencies.
Glossary of Research Economics: definitions for 1050 terms
International Statistical Programs

Census Data

1990 Census Public Use Microdata Samples: PUMS 
Agriculture (Census Bureau)
Census Bureau Main Data Bank
Census Historical Poverty Data (Census Bureau)
Consolidated Federal Funds Report (Census Bureau, 1983-2010)
Current Population Survey (Census Bureau)
Economic Census, 2007 
Economic Census, 2012 
Economic Census Data Browser: 1790 to 1970 Census data.
Income Data(Census Bureau)
Poverty Statistics (Census Bureau)
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (1878 to 2010)
State and Local Government Expenditure and Financial Data (Census Bureau)

Miscellaneous Data

Economic Time Series: Federal statistics data as well as information for Canada and Japan.
Institute for Social Research (University of Michigan)
Integrated Public Use Microdata Sample (IPUMS) (public opinion polls)
Record of American Democracy Data


Agricultural Market Virtual Library
Agricultural Economics Research Guide (Cornell University)
OECD Agricultural Data
U.S. Department of Agriculture
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

Banking and Finance

Banking and Financial Services (RUL Business Resource Guide)
Dow Jones Averages (FRED)
Financial Data Finder: From Ohio State University
Pro-Dex Historical Data (index of financial institutions)
Stock and Commodity Exchanges (RUL Business Resource Guide)
U.S. Department of Commerce

Economic Growth and Productivity

Barro-Lee Data Set
Bartelsman and Gray NBER Productivity Data Set (Temple description with link)
Sachs and Warner Data Set
Summers-Heston Data Set (Penn World Table) (Temple description with links)

Education, Health, Social Security, Labor, …

Social Security Administration
U.S. Department of Education Education Statistics
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Labor


Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR)
Energy Glossary of Terms (EnergySource)
Energy Information Administration
U.S. Department of Energy


The Chemical Scorecard (Environmental Defense Fund)

U.S. Treasury

Internal Revenue Service Tax Stats
U.S. Department of Treasury

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Board
Board of Governors
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Atlanta
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Boston
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Chicago
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Cleveland
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Dallas
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Kansas City
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Minneapolis
Federal Reserve Board Bank of New York
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Philadelphia
Federal Reserve Board Bank of Richmond
Federal Reserve Board Bank of San Francisco
Federal Reserve Board Bank of St. Louis
Federal Reserve Beige Book: Summaries by Federal Reserve Districts
Federal Reserve Economic Data: FRED (historical data)
Interest Rates (Federal Reserve)


Migration Data (Census Bureau)


Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code (four digits)

Research Organizations

American Enterprise Institute
Brookings Institution
The Cato Institute
The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
The Economic Policy Institute
The Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution
The Jerome Levy Institute
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Online Data Macrohistory Database
The Urban Institute
The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

Macro Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics Most Requested Series CPI Chart and Data (1913-present)
Business Cycle Indicators 
Consolidated Federal Funds Report (Census Bureau)
Council of Economic Advisors
The Dismal Scientist: Current U.S. Economic Data
Economagic Time Series
Economics Statistics Briefing Room: quick access to Federal economic indicators.
Economic Indicators (Census Bureau)
FairModel(Yale University)
Historical and Current Discount Rates
Interest Rates (Federal Reserve)
Joint Economic Committee
National Federal Budget Simulation
National Income and Product Accounts (BEA)
Stock-Watson Experimental Indexes (NBER)

Poverty, Crime and Discrimination

Income Data(Census Bureau)
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Panel Study of Income Dynamics (University of Michigan)
Poverty Statistics (Census Bureau)
Study of American Families, 1994 (University of Wisconsin)

Regional Data (States, Counties, etc.)

Census Data (Missouri State Data Center)
Connecticut Economic Information System
County and City Data Book Series (ICPSR)
County Business Patterns (Census Bureau)
Massachusetts Homepage
New Jersey Labor Market Information
New York State Data Center
State and Local Government Expenditure and Financial Data (Census Bureau)


U.S. International Trade Administration Trade Statistics


U.S. Department of Transportation
Bureau of Transportation Statistics

International General

Bank for International Settlements
Corruption Perception Index (Goettingen University)
Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)
Country Statistics Links (The World Bank)
Country Studies (Library of Congress)
Economic Commission for Europe
Foreign Labor Statistics
Foreign Exchange Daily and Historical Rates (PACIFIC)
Global Competitiveness Report (World Economic Forum)
Global Financial Data 
International Data Base (Census Bureau)
International Monetary Fund: International Capital Markets
International Monetary Fund: World Economic Outlook
International Trade Statistics (Census Bureau)
Monetary Economics, Banking Studies, Index Numbers, etc. (International Division Database) 
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD-Washington, DC)
Penn World Tables (University of Toronto)
Trade Statistics (United Nations)
Trade Research Links: Provided by the World Trade Organization
United Nations Statistics Division
United Nations Surveys on Crime (UN-CTS)
World Bank: Economic Growth Project and Datasets
World Bank: Living Standards Measurement Study
World Bank: Social Indicators of Development
World Bank: Trends in Developing Economies
World Bank: World Tables Dataset Guide
World Competitiveness On-line (IMD)
World Population (United Nations)

International Regional

Eurobaromenter (EUROPA)
Eurobarometer Datasets (ZEUS)
European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)
EuroData (Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education: CERGE)

International Countries

National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC)

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Brazilian Statistics

Canadian Industry Statistics
Statistics Canada

Statistics Denmark

Finland Statistics
Finnish Economy

National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE)

German Federal Statistical Office (Knoema)
German Socio-Economic Panel Data (SOEP)

National Statistics Service of Greece

Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Statistics Iceland

Statistics Indonesia

Central Statistics Office

Israel Social Science Data Archive (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics
Israeli Economic Data(Praedicta)
Jewish Student Online Resource Center

Istat, Italy’s National Statistical Institute

Japanese Central Bank
National Statistics Center of Japan
Statistics Bureau of Japan

Department of Statistics

The Netherlands
Netherlands Statistics

New Zealand
Statistics New Zealand

Norwegian Social Science Data Services

National Institute of Statistics

Russian Statistics Service

South Africa
South African Data Archives

Spanish Statistical Institute

Statistics Sweden

Swiss Statistics

Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office

United Kingdom
Manchester National Datasets (United Kingdom)
ESRC Data Archive (United Kingdom)
Office for National Statistics Homepage

Miscellaneous Links

Business and Economics Data Links: links to data sources. Searchable. Sortable into topics of finance, macroeconomics and labor and general microeconomics
Colorado State University Dept. of Economics: links to many data sources and other useful information.
Econometrics Laboratory-University of California Berkeley: General Reference and Census Data, ICPSR, Labor Statistics, Link to National Bureau of Economic research, other federal government sources like STAT-USA, Census of Agriculture, etc., as well as many other miscellaneous sources such as Brazilian economic statistics.
Economic Growth Resources
FINWeb: A financial economics server attempting to provide links to all sites providing substantial information in economics or finance-related topics. A valiant attempt, but not always the best presentation
Rutgers University Dept. of Economics: a huge list of data links
Social Science Data Center: Scholarly Communication Center (Rutgers University)
Social Science Data on the Net--with excellent annotations (University of California, San Diego)
WebEc: A "metasite" listing practically all fields in economics