A teacher laughing with students in a classroom
Joshua Hyman, Assistant Professor of Economics, teaches “Education and Inequality in the United States”

The Education Studies major is designed to offer students significant flexibility in selecting courses that meet the requirements of this interdisciplinary major. Courses related to education are offered in several departments and programs across the College and many, though not all, are cross-listed with the Education Studies Program. Education Studies majors must take one foundational course, EDST 352: The Purposes and Politics of Education. Prior to this, interested students should consider enrolling in any number of 100- or 200-level courses that will introduce them to questions related to educational inequality, ethnic studies and education, child development, child/youth culture, theories of knowledge, the history of schooling, or teaching. 

Several students have decided to major in Education Studies after their interest was activated through one of the many experiential learning opportunities available at Amherst. Education Studies majors have participated in the Education Professions Fellowship run through the Loeb Center, participated as a Pedagogical Partner in an Amherst classroom through the Center for Teaching and Learning, or worked as docents and taught workshops to elementary school students at the Beneski Museum. However you arrive at your interest in pursuing the Education Studies major, faculty and staff advisors will support you in crafting an academic program that addresses the requirements of the major and helps you to explore your questions about education.

Major declaration now takes place through Workday; instructions are available here.