English Department Courses by Level

black bold = new course

Spring 2016 Courses

100-Level:  Close Reading and Frequent Writing in Small Sections

106-01.  Engaging Literature:  Craft, Conversation, Community  (Brooks)

106-02.  Engaging Literature:  Craft, Conversation, Community  (Christoff)

111.       Having Arguments  (Lieber)  [also SWAG 111]  [Writing Intensive]

112-01.  Realism  (Barale)  [also SWAG 106]  [Writing Intensive]

112-02.  Realism  (Lieber)  [also SWAG 106]  [Writing Intensive]

120.       Reading, Writing, and Teaching  (B. Sánchez-Eppler)

125.       Representing Illness  (Bosman)

180.       Film and Writing  (Guilford)  [also FAMS 110]

200-Level:  Foundation Courses in Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies, and in Creative Writing

213.       The Age of Emerson  (O'Connell)

221.       Writing Poetry I  (Hall)

226.       Fiction Writing I  (Thompson)

233.       Archival Research in Drama:  The Samuel French Collection  (Grobe)

240-01.  Reading Poetry  (Nelson)

240-02.  Reading Poetry  (Worsley)

250-01.  Reading the Novel  (Christoff)

250-02.  Reading the Novel  (Sanborn)

256.       The First Person  (Gaige)

272.       A Primer to Children’s Literature  (K. Sánchez-Eppler)

276.       Black Feminist Literary Traditions  (Henderson)  [listed as SWAG 208, also BLST 345, ENGL 276,
               and FAMS 379]

281.       Foundations and Integrations:  Film and Media Studies  (Levine)  [also FAMS 220 and ARHA 272]

300-Level:  Topics in Film and Cultural Studies, Individual Authors, Literary History, Criticism, Theory, and Advanced Creative Writing. 300-level courses have no prerequisites, and welcome both majors and non-majors from across the college. 

306.       Modern British and American Poetry, 1900-1950  (Pritchard)

308.       Expatriate Poets  (Hall)

316.       Out of China: Transnational Literatures of the Chinese Diaspora  (Huang)

326.       Fiction Writing II  (Gaige)

338.       Shakespeare  (Bosman)  [before 1800]

339.       Early Women Writers  (Nelson and Worsley)  [also SWAG 339]  [before 1800]

374.       Spike Lee’s Joints  (Parham and Drabinski)  [also BLST 330 and FAMS 358]

395.       Literature and the Nonhuman World  (Sanborn)

400-Level:  Seminars for Junior and Senior Majors.  Independent Inquiry, Critical and Theoretical Issues, and Extensive Writing. These courses teach students the vital intellectual skills of how to frame a research question and conduct independent research. Majors might want to consider taking more than one of these challenging courses.

435.       The Play of Ideas  (Grobe)

458.       Indigenous American Epics  (Brooks)  [also AMST 358]  [before 1800]

462.       Film and Video Curation  (Guilford)  [also FAMS 462 and ARHA 462]

474.       Panama Silver, Asian Gold:  Reimagining Diasporas, Archives, and the Humanities (Cobham-Sander)
               [also BLST 452]




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