Courses in English

Fall 2012

ENGL-111 Having Arguments

Michele Barale (Section 01)
Ben Lieber (Section 02)

ENGL-115 Novels, Plays, Poems

David R. Sofield (Section 01)

ENGL-119 Modernism 101 or, The Shock of the New

Patrick Pritchett (Section 01)

ENGL-120 Reading, Writing, and Teaching

ENGL-152 Writers in Conversation

Wendy H. Bergoffen (Section 01)

ENGL-156 American Wilderness

Robert T. Hayashi (Section 01)

ENGL-160 Foundations of African American Literature

Marisa Parham (Section 01)

ENGL-180 Film and Writing

Andrew R. Johnston (Section 01)

ENGL-221 Writing Poetry I

Daniel J. Hall (Section 01)

ENGL-226 Fiction Writing I

Lawrence R. Douglas (Section 01)

ENGL-232 Reading Drama

Christopher A. Grobe (Section 01)

ENGL-240 Reading Poetry

Ingrid L. Nelson (Section 01)

ENGL-251 Reading Story Sequences

Dale E. Peterson (Section 01)

ENGL-280 Coming to Terms: Cinema

John Cameron (Section 01)

ENGL-304 Narratives of Suffering

Geoffrey D. Sanborn (Section 01)

ENGL-317 Caribbean Poetry: The Anglophone Tradition

ENGL-324 Writing Poetry II

Daniel J. Hall (Section 01)

ENGL-329 The Poetics of Performance

Christopher A. Grobe (Section 01)

ENGL-336 Renaissance Drama: The Places of Performance

Anston L. Bosman (Section 01)

ENGL-338 Shakespeare

Peter Berek (Section 01)

ENGL-358 Readings in English and American Fiction, 1950-2010

William H. Pritchard (Section 01)

ENGL-442 Poets: Emily Dickinson to Seamus Heaney

David R. Sofield (Section 01)

ENGL-444 Emily Dickinson

ENGL-452 Hawthorne, Melville, and Literary Friendship

Geoffrey D. Sanborn (Section 01)

ENGL-458 Indigenous American Epics

Lisa Brooks (Section 01)

ENGL-472 Reading and Experience

Marisa Parham (Section 01)

ENGL-483 Feminism and Film: A Study of Practice and Theory

Amelie E. Hastie (Section 01)

ENGL-485 Word / Life / Image

Anston L. Bosman (Section 01)
Andrew R. Johnston (Section 01)

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FYSE-105 Romanticism and the Enlightenment (Course not offered this semester.)
FYSE-120 Imagining the Past (Course not offered this semester.)
FYSE-123 Reading Serially (Course not offered this semester.)
FYSE-127 Things Matter (Course not offered this semester.)