Courses in English

Spring 2014

ENGL-111 Having Arguments

Ben Lieber (Section 01)

ENGL-120 Reading, Writing, and Teaching

ENGL-180 Film and Writing

Patrick Pritchett (Section 01)

ENGL-216 Women Writers of Africa and the African Diaspora

Carol Y. Bailey (Section 01)

ENGL-221 Writing Poetry I

David R. Sofield (Section 01)

ENGL-226 Fiction Writing I

Susan E. Stinson (Section 01)

ENGL-231 Three, Two, One: Reading Small Drama

Christopher A. Grobe (Section 01)

ENGL-240 Reading Poetry

David R. Sofield (Section 01)

ENGL-250 Reading the Novel

William H. Pritchard (Section 01)

ENGL-272 A Primer to Children’s Literature

ENGL-280 Coming to Terms: Cinema

Andrew R. Johnston (Section 01)

ENGL-281 Foundations and Integrations:  Film and Media Studies

Amelie E. Hastie (Section 01)
Chris Mason Johnson (Section 01)

ENGL-295 Literature and Psychoanalysis

ENGL-303 The Literature of Repression and of Resistance

Barry O'Connell (Section 01)

ENGL-308 Expatriate Poets

Daniel J. Hall (Section 01)

ENGL-314 Sexuality and History in the Contemporary Novel

Judith E. Frank (Section 01)

ENGL-318 Childhood in African and Caribbean Literature

ENGL-326 Fiction Writing II

Amity W. Gaige (Section 01)

ENGL-338 Shakespeare

Christopher A. Grobe (Section 01)

ENGL-345 The Victorian Novel and Empire

ENGL-353 Readings in English and American Fiction, 1900-1950

William H. Pritchard (Section 01)

ENGL-373 A Decade Under the Influence:  U.S. Film of the 1970s

Amelie E. Hastie (Section 01)

ENGL-379 Cinema and the Avant-Garde

Andrew R. Johnston (Section 01)

ENGL-388 Screenwriting

Chris Mason Johnson (Section 01)

ENGL-390 Digital Humanities

Marisa Parham (Section 01)

ENGL-397 Editors and Authors

Jennifer M. Acker (Section 01)

ENGL-431 Transnational Shakespeares

Anston L. Bosman (Section 01)

ENGL-445 Spenser and Milton:  Poetry Inventing a Nation

Peter Berek (Section 01)

ENGL-447 Wordsworth and Keats

Kim Townsend (Section 01)

ENGL-489 Paris and the Banlieues:  The City and Cinematography in French and Francophone Cinema

Baba Hillman (Section 01)

ENGL-490 Children's Film and T.V.