Courses in English

Spring 2015

ENGL-106 Engaging Literature:  Craft, Conversation, Community

Lisa Brooks (Section 01)

ENGL-111 Having Arguments

Ben Lieber (Section 01)

ENGL-112 Realism

Michele Barale (Section 01)
Ben Lieber (Section 02)

ENGL-120 Reading, Writing, and Teaching

Marissa Carrere (Section 01)

ENGL-159 Reading Regions, Reading the South

Barry O'Connell (Section 01)

ENGL-180 Film and Writing

Patrick Pritchett (Section 01)

ENGL-216 Women Writers of Africa and the African Diaspora

Carol Y. Bailey (Section 01)

ENGL-221 Writing Poetry I

Patrick Pritchett (Section 01)

ENGL-225 Non-Fiction Writing

Kim Townsend (Section 01)

ENGL-226 Fiction Writing I

Judith E. Frank (Section 01)

ENGL-240 Reading Poetry

Ingrid L. Nelson (Section 01)
Amelia Worsley (Section 02)

ENGL-250 Reading the Novel

Judith E. Frank (Section 01)
Geoffrey D. Sanborn (Section 02)

ENGL-255 Unreliabilities

Amity W. Gaige (Section 01)

ENGL-277 Videogames and the Boundaries of Narrative

Marisa Parham (Section 01)

ENGL-280 Coming to Terms: Cinema

Nathaniel W. Brennan (Section 01)

ENGL-287 Introduction to Super 8 Film and Digital Video

Baba Hillman (Section 01)

ENGL-295 Literature and Psychoanalysis

ENGL-325 Imitations

Daniel J. Hall (Section 01)

ENGL-332 Chaucer: <em>The Canterbury Tales</em>

Ingrid L. Nelson (Section 01)

ENGL-338 Shakespeare

Anston L. Bosman (Section 01)

ENGL-348 Modern British Literature, 1900-1950

William H. Pritchard (Section 01)

ENGL-395 Literature and the Nonhuman World

Geoffrey D. Sanborn (Section 01)

ENGL-397 Editors and Authors

Jennifer M. Acker (Section 01)

ENGL-427 Crafting the Novel

Amity W. Gaige (Section 01)

ENGL-433 Renaissance Drama and Media History

Anston L. Bosman (Section 01)

ENGL-438 Solitude and the Self in British Romanticism

Amelia Worsley (Section 01)

ENGL-480 Film Historiography in Theory and Practice

Nathaniel W. Brennan (Section 01)

ENGL-488 Early Cinema, Late Cinema

Kalisha R. Cornett (Section 01)

ENGL-490 Wallace Stevens

Daniel J. Hall (Section 02)

ENGL-491 The Creole Imagination

John E. Drabinski (Section 01)

Related Courses

COLQ-239 The Place of Memory: Engaging History in the Digital World (Course not offered this semester.)