Strategies for getting into Creative Writing Courses

The Creative Writing Program welcomes students from all backgrounds and majors to join our workshop-based classes. Enrollment is limited to facilitate the intensive workshop experience. We strive to offer introductory classes in both poetry and fiction every semester. We also provide classes exploring non-fiction, playwriting, literary translation, and hybrid forms as frequently as possible. Because of the very high levels of student interest in these courses we recommend

  • Registering or requesting permission through Workday as soon as you know you want to take the class
  • Reaching out to your professor to express your interest as early as possible  
  • Attending the first class 

If you aren’t able to register for the class of your choice this semester, don’t give up! 

  • Consider a creative writing course in a different genre. The skills you’ll learn and the experience you’ll gain in workshop will apply across genres and classes.
  • Keep in mind that there will be several creative writing classes, including introductory classes, offered the following semester and that we make every effort to include all our interested students.