Entry-level courses

The English department encourages students to pursue their own interests and path through the department. For this reason, there is no single entry-level course in the English Department. Instead, we encourage new students and non-majors to choose any 100-level or 200-level course as a starting point.

A list of courses by level

A description of the course levels

A Note on Creative Writing

Creative Writing courses are a popular component of the English Department and have limited enrollment to facilitate the workshop experience.

Information about Creative Writing courses and enrollment

Advanced Courses

Courses at the 300-level tend to attract upperclassmen. Each course has a different policy, and some may be open to first-year students. You are encouraged to contact the instructor if you are interested in taking one of these courses as a non-major

Courses at the 400-level are generally restricted to junior and senior English majors.

About the Major

Thinking about an English major?

The department is home to a wide variety of scholarly and creative interests, and our majors are an important part of department life!