Students who are looking to take their first English course are encouraged to take one of our 100 level courses, which provide entries for engagement with the English department through small, writing-intensive seminars on a diverse range of topics. They introduce students to a variety of genres and media, entail frequent writing, and cultivate students' skills in close reading. They are meant to be suitable for non-majors, but they are intended for non-majors and prospective majors alike. All English majors must complete at least one 100 level course.

For more information about course levels and policies for major requirements, see The Four Levels of Courses

Transfer students may apply up to three English-related courses taken outside the department (i.e. from a previous institution) to their English major requirements provided that these courses fit in the rubric of the kinds of materials or approaches generally taught in the department. One of those courses may count towards the 100-level requirement and one may be used towards the pre-1800 requirement, if suitable. Any courses taken outside the department that you wish to use towards fulfilling the major must be approved by your academic advisor.