Fall 2013 Pre-Registration

It is time to pre-register for your fall courses! All English majors should make appointments with their advisors, so that their preferred courses can be approved before their registration windows open during the second week of April. Students who are abroad should do their best to get in touch by phone, email, or Skype, especially since regular pre-registration can now be completed from remote locations.

You can of course find class information in the College's course scheduler; however I suggest also checking out the department's curriculum page, which gives you an overview of the department's offerings for the year.

Students interested in Senior Tutorial (honors), Special Topics, and other courses requiring special application should keep their eye on the additional requirements attached to those courses. Most of these courses do not accept pre-registration, so it is important to have a regular fourth course selected, in order to complete the registration process.

Students who are interested in declaring the English major should complete their current pre-registration with their college advisors but, if possible, declare before the end of this semester. Any questions regarding declaration should be directed to the Director of Studies, or to a departmental professor with whom you enjoying talking. In the meantime, you can learn more about declaring the major here.


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