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This month's events:

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March 3rd: Senior Thesis Info Session. 4:30 pm, CHI Seminar Room (Frost 211)
March 5th: Seeing Ghosts: Latinx Video in the American Art Museum, with Chon A. Noriega. 4:30 pm, CHI (Frost 210)
March 11th: Poetry and Conversation: Fatimah Asghar & Franny Choi. 8:00 pm, Amherst Books
March 25th: CHI Salon: What is a Short Story? Reading and Conversation with Beth Piatote. 4:30 to 6:30 pm, CHI (Frost 210)
March 26th: A Rose of No Such Virtue: Race in the Middle English Lyric, with Seeta Chaganti. 4:30 pm, Fayerweather 113

A Major Change

Capstone course presentations
Four seniors giving their presentations: (Clockwise from top left): Sophie Chung ’17, Malinda Labriola ’17, Lauren Tuiskula ’17, and Christopher Roll ’17.

The English Department ends its comp exam, and launches a dynamic student symposium instead.

For some six decades, each senior English major, in order to graduate, had to pass the department’s Comprehensive Exam. Until something better came along.

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Creative Writing at Amherst College

Judith Frank talks about what it takes to succeed as a writer and touches on what students can expect from the creative writing program at Amherst College.

Featured Article

Hwang and Lee

Breaking the Language Barrier

“Translation is the art of failure,” said Umberto Eco. But these two students found success and connection by gathering resonant, hard-to-translate phrases from across campus.

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